About Musa

I am a Woman who has lived a noteworthy life. My experiences are expansive and offer an immense ocean from which I will share my perceptions of an ordinary human life.  I want you to know, I am not a person who finds the task of writing second nature, in fact I shy away from such undertakings.

Why the Blog?  I have come to the realization, after too many years of resistance, that road blocks, in this instance writing, present me with the opportunity to peel back the leaves of the “Artichoke” and get to my Heart! (More on the “Artichoke” in the future.)

As time passes and life circumstances prevail, I am finding it harder to remember the details of my most precious or reprehensible periods or moments. My ability to recollect changes within the day or hour!  If you choose to read, sign up, bookmark or share… I am delighted that you might see the mythology in an ordinary human life.

Caution: In a perpetual state of flux.  Expect to experience bouts of joy and trepidation.


One thought on “About Musa

  1. Glad you are writing! Very accessible and easy to follow – a lovely and lively flow; I feel very included – as if you are right here and we are talking, almost.
    This is great! i wish you wellness, wonder, and infinite visitations from the queendom of muses. Namaste, my Friend, Roxanna

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